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It is extremely important for every business today to have a great website with the best customer-centric and user friendly experience. TidbiT Solutions understands your needs and of-course, you must have a website which should be compatible all across & full spectrum technologies. We offer wide range of latest web development technologies including custom PHP, database development in MySQL, AJAX engine for application mediation, Magento, WordPress,


As a server side scripting language, PHP is used to develop static websites or dynamic websites or web applications. PHP files end with the extension .PHP. Today, nearly 80% websites of the world use PHP as their source code. Moreover, it is an easy to learn scripting programming language with the availability of a handsome community of professional developers. The cost of development in PHP is low and the result is a beautiful website with unique functionality and robust features.



Yii is an acronym for ‘Yes It Is’, which is one of the best and high performance open source web application development frameworks for developing Web 2.0 applications. Yii comes with a variety of rich features such as MVC, DAO/Active Record, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, testing and many more, which helps in developing some of the surefire and high performance websites that are in existence today.



Just like other frameworks, Codeigniter offers you a starting block to build a website while minimizing the amount of code that is needed to build a website. Though Codeigniter is a PHP framework, it is not a substitute for PHP. Nevertheless, Codeigniter contains several libraries, logical structures, plug-ins, and other resources that make web development a breeze. This simplifies the PHP code and makes web development more robust and streamlined. It is freely available and easy to install and is one of the most favoured web development platforms with businesses and organizations worldwide.


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Laravel Development

Laravel development is one of the most popular undertakings of the PHP framework. Only 3 years old, it has proven itself superior over other platforms quite resoundingly. So, why Laravel is such a favorite with the developers? What sets it apart, is its elegant coding and simplicity? No wonder Laravel Application Development has gained so much credence in such a short span of time. Fast development speed, quick institution, and extension ability using multiple modules or ‘bundles’ have made it much in demand.


CUSTOM WEB Development

Today, modern business is complete digitally driven in an intense and cut throat competitive environment. To distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd, it’s extremely essential to differentiate yourself and the noise that you make in the crowded market. You can achieve this goal by implementing the strategy of custom web development.


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