One Umbrella for all tech support

All tech support under One Umbrella

Right from an innovative idea to turning that innovative idea to reality we have solutions for your entire requirement under one roof. Tidbit Solutions offers everything ranging from website design & development to mobile apps, CRM, ERP, internet marketing, web promotions, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, corporate design, branding, user interface design and much more.

Websites created by us includes Valid CSS code and HTML, SEO Friendly coding practices, Google Structured Data Implementation, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Performance Optimization, Trendiest HTML Standards are a few to name.

All tech support under One Umbrella

Website Design and Development: Every businessman needs to first have a business website developed with the best web design methods that not only save their time but also money. At Tidbit Solutions we craft and develop websites that are enhanced to drive traffic thereby helping our clients to establish a brand presence on computer-generated platforms. Our designers design the websites in the most innovative manner that will let you stand apart from your competitors in the market. Our web developers strive hard to design and code websites that are not only functional but also flabbergasting. We do not only provide a great look to your site but also craft it in a manner that is user-friendly and brand centric.

Mobile Application:

Every business today has a demand for mobile apps. Tidbit Solutions is a world class mobile application development company which offers mobile application development services for iOS, Android, Window Phone and Cross Platform apps.

iOS App Development: Tidbit Solutions has been a leading player in iOS app development. We create innovative apps that blend well with your business requirement. Our team of developers can develop high-performance iOS applications within the given timeframes. Our team of skilled iOS developers make use of the latest technology and develop scalable and responsive apps for your business. We don’t compromise on quality hence before the final deployment of the project we make sure that the developed apps are tried and tested. Our developers have experience and knowledge of SDKs, APIs and iOS development environ. At Tidbit Solutions our iOS developers have created innovative apps that not only match the business need of our clients but are also within their estimated budgets.

Mobile Application
Android App Development

Android App Development:

Tidbit Solutions being one of the leading android app development companies our expert android developer have developed classy and high performance android apps on OS releases ranging from Android KitKat, Android Lollipop to Android Oreo. Our team of experts comprises of mobile strategist, proficient android developers and UX/UI designers who provide classy and top quality android application development services. We adapt to the latest technology and develop customized android applications that meet your business goals. They use tools and languages that are specially support Android platforms such as HTML, CSS, Java, Android’s Kolin are a few to name.

Window Phone App Development:

Tidbit Solutions is a window phone app development firm that provides best window app development services that conjoins with clients business goals. We are known in the market for providing secured and result–oriented window phone app development solutions. Our dedicated team of developers adhere to best practices in the industry. By adapting to the latest window mobile SDK we have built apps for diverse industry segments such as business and finance, social networking, utility and a lot more.

Window Phone App Development
Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross Platform Mobile App Development:

Tidbit Solutions is a cross platform mobile app development service provider. Our team of developers have catered to various clients requirements and have been successful in building client-specific apps on platforms such as PhoneGap, HTML5, Xamarin and a lot more. Our developers go the extra mile to deliver high performance and feature rich apps at a very competitive price. We build classy cross platform apps to assist clients in achieving their business goals and targets

CRM Application Development:

Customer Relationship Management is designed and developed to enhance and increase your relationship with the customers. It also depicts who your valuable customers are so that your attention may stay more focused on them. CRM solutions can help you understand your consumer behaviour which will give you an insight on how to deal with them thereby bringing in opportunities that can benefit your bottom line.

Tidbit Solutions is a pioneer customer relationship management service. We understand the need and preferences of the customer and strive hard to develop strong bonding with them. At Tidbit Solutions CRM applications is developed in a fashion that increases sales, brings in new clients as well as provides profit to our clients in their business. We provide development solutions to start-ups as well as well established businesses.

Why choose us?

Our CRM Application development services entirely focuses on how you can serve your clients in an enhanced way. Our experts involve all the departments in your enterprise and use architecture that scales up to meet your business goals and future targets. Our professionals work on transforming loyal customers into contented advocates for your brand so as to further increase your sales and your profits.

We offer comprehensive Salesforce CRM Development services that include UI/UX Designing, Application development, Testing, Hosting as well as Implementation. Our professionals are experts who can create visualforce pages, View Pages, Apex classes, S-controls and triggers so as to produce various sales reports and dashboards. Our team converts your idea into reality with our Salesforce custom application development services. We work with you unitl you start getting ROI on your CRM.



If you are seeking for solutions that will enhance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business solutions, boost your profits margin and keeps you technologically ahead of your competitors’ in the market then Tidbit Solutions has the key to all your above mentioned search.

We provide the most comprehensive enterprise solutions in a manner that would help you in taking your organization a step ahead and close to the next level of growth.

Our services include:

Software as a Services (SaaS):

We provide SaaS implementation and customization services for all types of business. Our experts detect the core strategic zones where SaaS can give your business maximum ROI. Based on your business needs we provide the best SaaS solutions that can enhance and improve your business developments.

Advanced Analytics:

Analytics is no longer considered as a source of information about the customers and business but it is considered as a resourceful tool that gives a deep, precise and concise understanding on how to take your business to the next level in terms of growth. Analytics draws a roadmap which shows you what your customers will need in future and how your business should be charged up to adhere to meet those demands. Tidbit Solutions provides you the best analytical tool that blends well with your business requirements.

ERP Services:

We provide customized ERP solutions that best fit your business needs thereby helping you to achieve your business goals and objectives. We also provide upgradation of ERP tools such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle etc.

Cloud-based Services:

For business to enhance its operational efficiency the shift to cloud-based operation is imperative. Tidbit Solutions has massive experience in shifting businesses onto cloud platforms based on the business needs. We offer cloud-based service to our clients at ease and at economical rates.

Big Data:

Our experts at Tidbit Solutions first have a look at the enormousness of the data and after having learnt it offers the right tool and technique which helps to interpret quality information for high performance analytics that not only makes the huge process easy but also productive for your enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions:

Tidbit solution provides robust enterprise mobility solutions for your business. We give your business the outlook and flexibility touch to leverage mobile platforms that will make an enormous difference to the way you approach, engage and retain your loyal customers.

Internet Marketing and web Promotions:

Tidbit Solutions provides internet marketing services as well as web promotion services. In today’s era where internet is used almost by everyone; search engine optimization becomes the most popular starting point for internet users. Search engines enhance your traffic which in turn has the tendency to bring in more sales conversion.

Looking to improve your web promotions by improving your site visibility and driving more web traffic? Then Tidbit Solutions is the right option for you. Your feature rich business website requires marketing push by professional experts for improving visibility and getting high ranking on search engine rank pages. Our dedicated team of marketing experts’ elevated output offer our clients with first-class web promotion services that include SMM, SMO, SEM and SEO. We not only promote your business on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN but also do the promotion on other social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter order to give your website the required exposure and traffic that it deserves.

By using the latest trendy online marketing trends and relevant marketing techniques we have helped a number of our clients enhance their brand name and visibility on the website thereby providing result-oriented web promotion services.

Our team of experts understand and analyse your business needs and based on classy research they develop a plan of action in a manner that not only brings traffic to your site but also attracts prospective customers.

Why choose us:

  • Partner with us to gain high rate of traffic to your website and grow your business effectively and instantly.
  • Grab the opportunity to increase your business revenue.
  • Get a hang on Quality sales leads.
  • Don’t miss out on the chance to promote your business worldwide.
  • We provide effective marketing tools for enterprises at competitive rates.

Corporate design and branding services:

First impression is very important to develop loyalty. Customers are likely to become loyal towards a brand on their first experience or purchase. The success of a brand is measured on the perception of the consumers. Thus everything matters when it comes to designing a strategy to promote your brand. Tidbit Solutions creative team designs strategy to promote your brand in such a manner that your brand recites its own story that is not just inspiring but leaves an incredible impact in the market. We offer corporate design and branding services for brand promotion so as to get the appropriate strategic marketing for your brand.

We design creative and effective logos by using the latest technologies. All our designs are simple yet very attractive be it a corporate or a business logo design. Our designers understand the client’s requirement and their line of business before they get on the task of designing the logo.

So far our track record shows that we have served our clients with the following designing services:

  • Business Logo Design
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Company Logo Design
  • Logo Development
  • Brochure Design

Logo Designing at Tidbit Solutions:

We design logos in a fashion that replicates your enterprise, the business, its product as well as the services you offer.

Our designers craft logos that are simple and a give and add a tinge of style to it to give it an attractive look.

Our logos are designed with a perfect admixture style of font, style and colour.

Why choose us?

  • Brand Identity: We design logos that reflect your business purpose, goals and aim. Establish your brand identity today by getting a logo designed for your business by our creative team of designers.
  • Originality: Uniqueness and creativity is something that our designers highly respect. They strive hard to design unique and different logo for your business. We don’t believe in creating logo that is a mere copy of another brand.
  • Logo for all purpose: We design a logo that can be used for all purpose such as it can be used on your letter head, visiting/business cards etc.

User Interface services:

Tidbit Solutions specializes in offering user-centered UI designs. Our engagement with every client is unique and our UI design team offers an out-of-the-box UX solutions. Our UX and UI team espouse conscientious and structured process right from research, storyboarding, blueprints, wireframes, prototypes and design page mock-ups to instil life into the designs.

Our expert team puts in full efforts to offer visually eye-catching, operational and user-friendly designs. We believe in delivering designs that are presently used in today’s modern world, have an empowering appeal and are brand-centric.

Looking for an outstanding User Interface design service provider? If you have nodded to this question then all you need to do is connect with Tidbit Solutions as we provide UI design services by understanding and keeping in mind the user’s needs. Our innovative and experienced team of experts provides customizable user interface services that best suits your business requirements and are easy on your pockets too.

Why choose us?

We at Tidbit Solutions offer UI and UX development services that not only enhance your website but also augment feature rich interactive applications. Apart from looks our skilled UI and UX designers are focused on creating a flawless user experience. Keeping the user experience and looks in mind our designers have successfully developed and designed purpose-driven apps and websites.

    Flow chart:

  • Market research: We begin the UX process by collecting and evaluating the data and then we define the need to understand user goals.
  • Wireframes: Blueprints prepare the envisaged structure of the complete product.
  • Prototype: Our detailed prototypes exemplify the underlying flow of the complete product much before it is fully developed.
  • Usability Assessment: We ensure that the usability of mobile and web applications are done via User Acceptance Test wherein every stage is tried and tested under this test before the final design is created.

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