Maintaining Server Applications

Maintaining Web, App & Server Applications

Information technology is a field where nothing remains stagnant. Everything is bound to change. Upgradation in technology has been an on-going process. What we may find new today may turn out to be out-dated after a few months. Similarly, business too needs constant upgradation with the latest trend that technology has to offer. This also allows business to stand apart from the rest in the market and amongst their competitors. Technical experts offer enterprises with support as well as maintenance services such as bug fixation, version upgradation virtual assistance etc.

Tidbit Solutions offers maintenance strategies that maintains and enhances the application usage. Our main objective is to deliver quality services in order to deliver maximum benefits to our clients. We assist our clients in achieving their goal and estimated growth by enabling them to leverage IT applications efficiently and which are easy on their pockets. Our experts make sure that all your application function smoothly and are in good health. Our solutions and recommendations will confirm that your applications' performance, accessibility, security and reliability increase extensively

Maintaining Web, App & Server Applications

Our IT support and maintenance services are always directed at providing short or long term technical assistance.
They include:

  • Preventative Maintenance, Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Service continuity and performance tuning.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Risk Management.
  • Patches and Upgrades
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support
  • Security Audit and a lot more.

Level 1 Analysis:

  • We study the root cause of the issues by doing extensive research and gathering in-depth knowledge.
  • We conduct comprehensive auditing of existing IT infrastructure, application and processes.
  • We then document the audit analysis and conduct performance testing as well as generate the reports.

Level 2: Planning and restorative stage:

  • We ensure to fix important issues instantly.
  • We prepare reports of documents which might have been overlooked or missed out.
  • We then prepare an overall performance enhancement plan.

Level 3: Continuous support and maintenance:

  • At this level we implement and manage the performance enhancement plan.
  • We take proactive and preventive measures as and when need be.
  • We track the bugs if found and eradicate it as well as solve any kind of troubleshooting issues.
  • We provide version upgradation that is we provide timely updates and upgradationrequired as per the requirement.
  • • Constant back up is taken so that no data is lost and can be retrieved as and when required.


Tidbit Solutions helps you to get effective solutions to issues such as: testing and debugging, customization of applications, updating site information with security measures database maintenance, productivity analysis, and real-time monitoring and management, especially for Dedicated-based Model.

We strive hard to deliver the best IT support and maintenance service to our clients to help their business operation run smoothly. We stay on the cutting edge to keep our clients satisfied with our world class services and leave no chance to build long term and healthy business relationship with our clients.

Stuck up in the midst of IT support and maintenance issues related to web, application and server application get in touch with us right away to get solutions that are best and not too pricey!


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