Engagement Model


Dedicated team is a business model where client and service provider mutually agree on the project requirements and tasks for the specified amount of time. In this model, clients hire single or a team of dedicated developers according to their project requirement. Dedicated developers will Exclusively work on a specific project and client can monitor the performed activities and process of the project.


The time and Material model is used when project requirements are not precise and it is difficult to divide it into several small stages. In this business model, the company can use an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for the tasks, resources, materials or other charges that were occurred in the development process. In time and material model, project delivery time depends upon the efficiency, professionalism, and accuracy of the information provided by the client.


Fixed price model is useful when client is clear with his project requirement and specification before starting the project. After the client’s request we analyze the project scope and complexity and provide delivery time and fixed budget for the complete project development for client’s approval.Client have to pay fix decided price and get delivery of their project on time with finest output.


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