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TidbiT Solution is an IT consulting and solution provider which collaborate with customers all around the world for next-generation business. As we have exceptional experience and comprehensive intelligent system which help to work with the customer for development of the organization moreover it also makes an organization successful and increases the performance of the organization.

TidbiT Solutions’ IT, business services and solutions support clients who comprise the current world economy, right from small-medium businesses to the most successful global Organizations. Our stakeholders rely on us for innovative solutions, expertise and services in Web, Mobility, Gaming, Open Source frameworks, Embedded Services and IT Consulting. We are growing by 150% every year and lately, won Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Award 2013 for being the 25th fastest growing company in India. Our objective is to deliver robust, scalable, viable and quality solutions while adhering to strict deadline.



IT Consulting

IT Consulting has radically changed the business landscape through mobility, Cloud Computing, and Big data. There is a need for IT consulting partner with innovative ideas, well-defined strategies, and deep domain expertise, where we specialize in IT consultation.

Cloud Integration

The easiest way of developing models in Cloud Integration it involves a middleware or software which reduces the effort and time. We provide services for Cloud to Cloud, Our server to Cloud and Business to Business integration services.

Embedded Services

To survive in the market new technologies need to be adapted to less time effort. Our method is to build the enterprise with the smartest and best technology with quality work in proportionate time.

Enterprise Solutions

It is beneficial for reaching from one software appliances to other software creating a platform for all form of business requirement and providing the best solutions to inculcate the business.

Enterprise Mobility

The Enterprise Mobility stands like a pillar whose focus on mobile devices, wireless network and other mobile computing services for the consistent business. The growth and potential depends on designing of the efficient mobility solutions.


To stand in the market, competition is very tough and game creation requires technical expertise and knowledge to create unique and interactive mobile games with high-quality user interface and experience according to a different platform of mobile.

Big Data

Big Data is a sum up of large and complex data that can’t be managed by data management tools. It can be virtualized by gathering data from a few sources in a single layer.

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